John Schneider’s ‘Smothered’ – a twisted game of ‘Who would win?’

The horror icons of "Smothered" at Q & A following the Sneak Peek at the Mad Monster Party
The horror icons of “Smothered” at Q & A following the Sneak Peek at the Mad Monster Party

Most everyone has played some version of the game “Who would win?”  Sometimes it is just banter between friends over their favorite character or genre.  It can be seen at convention panels where attendees debate on whether the heros of Star Wars or Star Trek would win in a battle.  It has even turned into movies and comics with, “Aliens vs. Predator“, “Freddy vs. Jason“, and others.  Last night, March 23, 2014, at Charlotte’s Mad Monster Party was the sneak peek at John Schneider‘s new movie, “Smothered” a sort of “who would win?” story with a twist.

The cast of horror icons include Kane Hodder from the Friday the Thirteenth series, R.A. Mihailoff from Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, Bill Moseley from The Devil’s Rejects, Dane Rhodes from Deja Vu, Malcolm Danare from Christine, and Don Shanks from the Halloween series.

Instead of taking these iconic characters into battle, “Smothered” places the actors themselves, as celebrities at a small, poorly attended horror convention on Friday the thirteenth.  They are losing money and wasting time until they get an offer for some easy money scaring people at the local RV park.  So rather than being the villains, Mr. Schneider places these icons of horror as the victims in horrifically hilarious turns of events.

The first few minutes of the movie leads and misleads the viewer as they introduce the femme fatales with a blend of comedic chaos.  The lovely ladies of the film include Amy Brassette, Rachael Alana Handler, and Brea Grant of the Halloween series as DD.

In an industry where finding bigger and better ways to off the characters is the standard, “Smothered” succeeds in bringing the horror aficionado a satisfying series of “I saw that one coming!” and “Oh no they didn’t!” moments.  It leads to a final disturbing moment of creepiness when looking back the realization comes that, “Yeah, I could see that happening.”  Oh, and in “Smothered” to know who wins you will have to watch it to see.

For the horror fan, “Smothered” is a must see cinematic event and you will want to get a personal copy for all the actors to sign.  Its five heaping cups of double D fun!

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