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Author Project: Bad Decisions – Kickstarting March 6th at 6pm!

Ian Price, author of the Tabletop Treasury posts on this site, is the creator of Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools and Bad Decisions, and has contributed to the Ghouls, Carthians, and Chronicler’s Guide books for Vampire: The Requiem. Bad Decisions has a Kickstarter project coming March 6th!

In 2013, we at Diamond Dust Dreams Inc kickstarted our company’s first original game, and funded! With the help of that crowd enthusiasm, we have been able to make Kitsune: of Foxes and Fools, now available in stores across the US, thanks to distribution through Studio 2 Publishing. Encouraged by this success, we’re trying again.

We’re calling our new game Bad Decisions. We created this party card game inspired by our habit of making snide comments about the foolish decisions you see everywhere in the news. The play structure will remind you of Apples to Apples, with the addition of a MadLibs mechanic, and maybe a hint of Snake Oil. Anyone can pick it up in seconds.

We do plan to add expansions appealing to fans of a specific genre (scifi literature, horror films, TV shows) or interest (politics? sports? finance?), but the core game offers fun for everyone – because who hasn’t made (or made fun of) bad decisions? We’ve aimed the content at ages 13+, giving it a little edge while still keeping the appeal – and suitability – broad enough for teens and adults alike.

Every level of reward for backing this project includes creative input into the final product. From voting on the subject matter of the half of the core set we will write from your suggestions, to creating specific cards with us, backers will all put their unique mark on this game. Stores can too, because one of the $100 options is to get 10 copies of the game – and  your store, group, or personal name and logo added to our packaging as a supporter.

Invite your friends to join the fun, via email and/or whatever social media you use. Please, make Bad Decisions with us!